What are the Cons of Owning a Mini

BY Admin   August 03, 2017   Automobile

Minis are famous for being small cars that can zip through roads at great speeds. Not only are they pretty to look at, they are fun to drive too. But as every coin has two sides, there are a number of cons to combat the pros that this car has to offer as well. Most of the car enthusiasts are aware about the pros of owning this car, but hardly anyone knows the cons. So what are the cons of owning a mini?

Firstly, many people have to for a mini cooper second hand because they can't afford a new model of the same. The car falls under the category of luxury cars and are termed “luxury” for a reason. They can burn a huge hole in your pocket. Mini has a number of options to offer so that you can customize the car according to your tastes and needs, but these options altogether at the end can increase the price of your car by a hefty amount. Also, usually those people go for a mini who have their heart set on the car. Sadly, many dealers try to use that against you by upping the price of the model and adding unnecessary charges that you are forced to pay. Finding authentic dealerships is anyway a problem, but finding one nearby to your place is another hassle altogether. You might have to drive hours just to reach a genuine dealership that won't extort money from you. Being a small car, the car isn't really as spacious as the bigger cars out there. If you are a tall person, you might find it a little tight inside the car. Also, the space in the trunk isn't a lot and can pose a problem if you decide to take the car on a trip to some other destination.

If you do for a used mini, make it a point that you go for a certified second hand mini cooper. The car uses premium fuel which makes it expensive to afford. Many people opt for the alternative of filling their tank with cheaper gas, but not only is that bad for your engine; it also means that you will have to fill your car more often as compared to in the case of premium fuel.

Having your car under warranty definitely helps you cut back on the expenses, but once the warranty expires the maintenance of this car can be heavy on the pocket. Every car starts to have issues a few years down the lane no matter how much you take care of it and you need to be prepared for that. All the various costs and expenses that fell under warranty will now have to be taken care solely by you. Most people buy this car because it is fun to drive. Make sure that you keep in mind that this is a fun car that you can take for a spin with your friends, but is probably not the right choice for you if you are a family man.

Many people tend to take their cars to non mini dealerships. One should not do that until and unless you are well aware of that dealer and know that they can do a good job. If you take your car to a mini dealership, you can be rest assured that it will be well taken care of. At times, there are certain issues with the car that can't be spotted by a normal dealers but they can hamper the health and performance of your car at a later stage; mini dealerships will make sure that they find these and fix them.