Easy Method For Report Someone On Facebook

BY Admin   February 13, 2018   Facebook

Hey Friends, as you know about Facebook social media.Large number of people connected to each other in this platform. It’s a best conversation medium of the global networks.It allows great features to use of social media like image sharing, status update, videos and audio sharing, tweet any person etc.

Generally, most of the people harass some specific problem like forgot the password, hack account, settings, and privacy managing etc.
Sometimes Facebook users are disturbed by threats, abuse, filthy image and abusive things, which are done by other persons.When you think that “ how to report someone on Facebook Or how to block someone on Facebook.”

Now we will discuss in brief “what can I do..”

So, You can perform this process on any medium such as mobile,desktop or tablet and stop offensive or distasteful feeds. Given bellow,quick and simple way to report a fraudster of facebook:

  1. Open Facebook- Open your facebook account on any browser.If you aren't logged into Facebook, enter your email address and password to continue.
  2. Go to the Facebook page of that person whom you want to report- Tap the search bar at the top of the screen, type in the name of the person you want to report, tap their name, and then tap their profile image.Display the Name On your search bar whom want to report.
  3. Go to Profile and Click on “Message”option.
  4. This option is near the bottom of the drop-down menu.Click on “Report”.
  5. .Select on “Report this profile” .After that Click “Continue”.
  6. Select a report option and click Continue. The following options will allow you to report the profile directly to Facebook, though you may have to select a follow-up reason before you can report the profile.
  7. Select “Posting annoying things”.Which you want.
  8. Display like as.Click to “Submit to facebook for Review”.
  9. After that Click Are You Sure? Then Click on “Block “.
  10. Click on Done event.Finally complete your report .

Again,help for this happening,such as unnecessarily image,video,abusive things etc. Follow few simple steps can greatly improve your Facebook privacy violation.

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