What A Week By Week Guide Indicates As Far As Pregnancy Is Concerned

BY Admin   February 15, 2018   Health

The moment you are pregnant you can expect some form of physical changes to take place in your body. A baby being born is rated to be a 9 month process and it indicates 40 weeks where a baby is inside your womb. Let us now analyse baby growth pregnancy week by week points to in the first place.

Week one starts at the last date of your period. This could be one of the main reasons why doctors ask you when the last date of your menstrual cycle was. Ideally you should be able to conceive 14 days after the last date of your period. Once you touch week 2, the body works out to be in a position so that the egg can be dropped. This works out to be the perfect time when you can conceive. Once the egg is fertilized it is going to attach itself to the uterine wall and will try to split into various pieces as well. Around week 5 the circulatory system of the baby starts forming. At this point of time the first organ of the babies does start functioning. Week 6, the heartbeat of the baby would have started and this pretty much confirms the fact that you are pregnant. The umbilical cord along with the ears starts to form at this point of time.

Around week 9, the fingers and the bones start to form. It is at this point of time the intestines are developing and the face begins to look more like human. With week 14, things start to show and the baby does go on to receive all the needed nourishment from the placenta at this point of time. The fat starts to develop under the skin of the baby and by week 17 the heartbeat of a baby is pumping as hard as it could. The moment week 18 arrives, your baby will be weighing around half a pound and pads on the toes and fingers emerge.

Week 21 strikes and the lungs go on to reach out to the correct proportions and these points to the fact that the baby is slowly down. There is no need to worry as these things keep on happening. At this point of time the sex of a baby is usually determined as well. Though it is not suggested that a baby needs to be born before 23 weeks, but even if it happens the baby does have a good chance of survival. With the aid of pregnancy growth video more clarity on the different growth stages of a baby is provided.

Week 25 is a time frame where a lot of developments are expected and the lungs begin to formulate space for the blood vessels to develop. In week 26 the spine starts to emerge and week 29, is a time where a baby does show sensitive to sound and light. Once week 35 touches baby should be 5 and half pounds.